mercredi 4 mai 2022

Powerful States | Noam Chomsky

a powerful state does not want authorization because that weakens its power if you have to have authorization from someone you are not you know powerful enough to do anything you choose the same reason why the mafia don does not want a court order suppose some mafia done isn't being paid by a you know some guy a grocer or something he doesn't go after a court order to get the money he doesn't want a court order he wants to send his goons in to beat him to a pulp you know that's called credibility uh and this and it happens that that's the way states operate some of them can get away with it the more powerful ones most of them can't get away with it maybe they'd like to but luxembourg can't handle it you know or andorra but countries like the united states can unless we stop them and the only place that a powerful state can be stopped is within

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